CIRKUM series of tables

  • Idea and design by Troels Grum-Schwensen
  • Former Manufacturer: Radius A/S
  • Design: 1995, 1999 – 2000
  • Publicized: 2000


This series of column-tables is based on an idea of mine, dating back to the middle-nineties. The main-idea is quite simple: Instead of having a normal full-circle-base, I here work with a semicircular base. The column can be mounted to the tabletop in two ways: With the straight side of the base outwards – and exactly in line with the gavel of the tabletop – or with the straight side inwards. The latter way is well suited for smaller solitary tables, while the first mentioned gives the possibility to add and couple more tables. When doing that, the bases together forms complete circles and larger table-settings will appear as an architectonically calm wholeness with a minimal number of supports.