CLOUD stacking chair

  • Design: Troels Grum-Schwensen
  • Manufacturer: Midform
  • Design: 1999-2005
  • Publicized: May 2006, EH seating´s stand in Bella Center, Cph.


CLOUD is a light stacking chair, having its name from the soft shaped back, hoovering above the significant steel-tube-frame. As clouds over a calm ocean, the back relates to the horizontal plane of a table-top.

A precisely planned geometry ensures that the back-curvature and its cutting follows the curve of the frames upper-part.

In this way the three very thin – almost “invisible” – connections together make a strong assembly and the gap between back and frame becomes very airy.

Only one of the three thin joints includes a screw, which is deliberately accentuated by the huge cylindrical stainless-steel bushing.

To make this work a certain thickness is needed in the lowest part of the back. To avoid a clumsy expression, the back is made with new form-pressing-technology, allowing it to taper into a much thinner dimension in the upper-part.


In total, the shape of the chair repeats in a nice way, when many chairs are assembled in rows or just standing alongside a table.


CLOUD is easy to handle and useful in assembly-rooms, canteens, restaurants etc.