DRUM Multipurpose-furniture

  • Design by Troels Grum-Schwensen
  • Prototype for SE13, made by MONTANA
  • Design: 2013
  • Publicized: 2013 (SE13)


Is it a side-table?  

Yes, maybe next to the couch. Here you can place your coffee-pot, cups or a lamp…


Yes, with an integrated tray.


The lock is also a nice tray, that easily fits into the corpus, when you return from the kitchen with coffee, cups and cakes.


Yes, for smaller items like remote-controls, chargers or whatever you would like to hide away, but easily find again.


Might be!

What about stool? 

Definitely! If you are in need of chairs, DRUM will do as a guest-stool.

A home-bar?

Only for small bottles!


If you haven’t quit the cigarettes, they can find a resting place here.


Perfect for keys, bicycle-lighting etc. And you can sit on it tying your shoes! Maybe each member of the family can have their own…


Why not!

In the children’s room?

Obviously! For the Lego's? – or the laundry…

Can it be used for anything else?

Certainly! You´ll find out. Most people do have a lot of smaller objects, they would like to put away... somewhere…