Exhibition-stand for EH-seating 2006

  • Layout and design by Troels Grum-Schwensen
  • Drawings: 2006
  • Publicized: 2006


The approach for this exhibition-stand in Bella Center, Copenhagen, was my new chair for EH, called “CLOUD” – due to the hoovering soft-shaped back.


Therefore, I wanted to tell a story about clouds and the sky above us. The huge challenge was the low and boring existing suspended ceilings in the room. Finally, I got permission to remove those and instead I created a new “roofing”, made from lanes of white textile, suspended in a way that, at the same time, hided away installations (like huge heating-tubes etc.) and resulted in nice, natural and soft curves. The roof hereby underlined the cloud-theme and took in the daylight, from the windows in the one side of the room, in a beautiful way. (The solution might give associations to the fantastic concrete-roof in Jørn Utzons church in Bagsværd).


The photographer Erik Brahl made a number of boards with photos of clouds (one in color, the rest in black and white) and with those we made a long horizontal frieze in the whole length of one of the walls.


The stand was nominated for the annual fair-exhibition-prize.