OCEAN table-system

  • Innovated and designed by Troels Grum-Schwensen
  • Former manufacturers; EH Møbler/EH Seating
  • Design: 1998 – 1999


OCEAN is a range of tables, constructed around a special-developed central “beam”-system, made of mdf-board.

From the gavels the load-bearing steel-frames are inserted without the use of tools. Beneath the central “beam” hardware for temporal suspension of chairs, like GENOA and CLOUD, can be mounted.

The central “beam”-system reduces the need for strength in the table-top, which therefore can be relatively thin and appear significantly hoovering over the steel-frames.

A special frame for connecting two table-tops/” beams” has been developed, which helps to avoid double-legs in larger set-ups. Together with the huge number of different shaped table-tops this makes the tables very adaptable to fit into different architectural spaces.


The table-system was originally developed as a supplement to the GENOA-chair and this series was later expanded with the CLOUD chair.