PONTO table

  • Innovation and design by Troels Grum-Schwensen
  • Manufacturer: Lammhults
  • Design: 2005 + 2016 – 2018
  • Publicized: 5th of February, 2019 at Stockholm Furniture Fair


This table is deeply rooted in a design-drawing of mine, dating back to 2005 and showing a table with gravity-locked wooden legs. Shortly after getting the idea for my aluminium-bench (Bench by Meter, 2004) with freely-positioned legs, locked only by gravity, it became natural to try to design a table, working with similar principles. Actually, this drawing was the very first in a row of table designs with gravity-locked legs - including the ATTACH table-system for Lammhults (launched February 2016).

In summer 2016, I saw this old drawing again and in a flash, I got the idea to refine that early design, by the help of a strong aluminium-beam, designed in the development-process of Attach, but never used.

However, PONTO is definitely a table in its own right!

The two very strong aluminium-beams, allows table-lengths up to 560cm with only 4 wooden legs.

The simplicity and character of the wooden legs gives a very distinct, warm and poetic expression, and the table can be seen as a truly innovative and renewing interpretation of the original Scandinavian functionalism.  

The pyramid-shaped legs, inclining in two directions, adds stability and character to PONTO, which has got its name from the bridge-like appearance coming from those inclined legs and the long span in between them.

The legs can be slided, along the longitudinal beams and – to some extent - left where wanted. Gravity will take care of locking and stabilizing.


More about PONTO ( and ATTACH ):    Video from SFF, made by archiproducts, February 2019