SINGER Loudspeaker

  • Designed by Troels Grum-Schwensen
  • Prototypes made by KVIST for SE09
  • Design: 2009
  • Publicized: 2009


For the SE exhibition 2009, KVIST Industries wanted to present some new ideas for loudspeakers.


As this factory has a lot of know-how in pressing and lamination of wooden veneer, I found it natural to sketch some soft curved shapes, that would also help to avoid resonating soundwaves, a common problem in box-shaped loudspeakers. Also, partitioning the bass-part from the rest of the cabinet could be an advantage for the sound-quality.


During my sketching this idea came up and, for once, I couldn´t resist the symbolic and humorous layers connected to a somewhat “figurative” shape.


Perhaps this solution could even help couples out of quarrels about the size of the loudspeakers…