• Design by Troels Grum-Schwensen 2012
  • Prototype, executed by Malte Gormsen
  • Design: 2012
  • Publicized: 2012 (SE12)


The first version of SOULBIRD-table was designed by Troels Grum-Schwensen, as a “one-off” for the annual SE-exhibition 2012. This prototype was crafted by quality-cabinetmaker Malte Gormsen, who also plans to manufacture the, now expanded, table-series.


In the SOULBIRD-table a significant, almost iconic and “abstract-figurative”, bird-like motif goes hand in hand with logic, clarity and simplicity in construction.


The angle-leg ensures stability, lightness and a high degree of freedom, in the sense that the same leg can be used for a variety of different shapes and sizes of tables.

This special shaping of an angle-leg might be lighter in weight and expression than ever seen before.

Lift a leg or a table and You will be amazed!


But first and foremost, it is sculptural, poetic and soul-full. Birds from Carl Henning Pedersen's – or Marc Chagall's – paintings might fly into Your mind…


When adding tables together, the symmetrical meeting of two legs makes a nice looking figure.


The table can be flat-packed and easily assembled at the site of use.


The making of the table-leg combines modern computer-milling-technology with fine craftsmanship and exclusivity.