TORO stacking chair and table

  • Design by Troels Grum-Schwensen
  • Manufacturer: LABOFA A/S
  • Design: 2010 – 2011
  • Publicized: 2010 (chair), 2011 (table)


The TORO chair design incorporates a close cohesion between materials, production technique, function and individuality.


The sculpted and strong double curved shape of the back fully demonstrates the design possibilities of moulding the elastic polyurethane material. This contributes to the chair’s exceptional comfort – whether you sit slightly forward, for example when you eat, or whether you lean back listening to a lecture.


The comfort of the seat and back is further enhanced because the top edge of the back and the front edge of the seat do not require additional reinforcement. This gives a high elasticity which effectively ensures good blood circulation and avoids the pain caused by chairs which are designed with sharp, hard edges.


There is an integrated stacking spacer under the seat which facilitates quiet stacking without leaving marks on the chair underneath. The chair is shock resistant, cleanable and when fitted with the optional galvanized frame, can be used outdoors. The standard frame is in chromed steel and the seat/back are available in different striking colours.


TORO chair represents a redesign of my earlier GENOA-chair from 1996.


The sleek design of the TORO table system fits well with the more sculptural design of the TORO chair. The table system offers both single tables for cafeterias or meeting rooms, and linked table arrangements with a reduced number of legs by using the “double-gables” which connect two tabletops. These long configurations are not only cost-effective and resource-saving, but also contribute architecturally to a room with calmness and simplicity.