YGGDRASIL One-off-table

  • Design by Troels Grum-Schwensen
  • Design: 2010
  • Publicized: 2010 (SPS10)


The theme for the 2010 SPS-exhibition was related to “Nordic roots”.


Yggdrasil is “the tree of life” in the ancient Nordic mythology. My table is an intended symbolic image of that.


The table also describes a development through times with the wedges at the bottom, made of bog-oak, the trunk in Ash, the upwardly branches and finally the modern materials in the top; the canopy (glass) and the fruits (red nylon-dots, holding the table-top).


Furthermore, the furniture can be seen as an icon for the title of the whole workshop. (SPS = “Skud på stammen” meaning something like “newcomers from the trunk” ).